Tasman Ocean Rowing Boat Construction

In 1977 Colin Quincey become the first to row across the Tasman Sea solo and unsupported. He set off from Hokianga Harbour, Neuseeland and reached Marcus Beach in Australia 63 days and 7 hours later. His son, Shaun repeated this … Continued

Interview with John Fairfax from 1969

John Fairfax is perhaps one of the most outstanding personalities which I have come across and definitely one of the most illustre personalities in the ocean rowing scene. This interview with him was made shortly after he beach his boat, … Continued

Erden Eruc Ocean Rowing

Erden Eruç on ocean rowing

Exclusively for Theodore Rezvoy’s Coast 2 Coast challenge to become the first to row the Indian Ocean from mainland Australia to mainland Africa, Erden Eruc gives some deep insights into his experiences as well as a strong vision about the … Continued