Two friends, two bikes and a camera.

Project Outlines

Two friends and experienced expedition cyclists, Andreas Simon and Christian Dittmann, want to explore Ladakh in Winter by bike.

The journey starts witha pre-winter „approach“-trip from Srinagar to Leh, the Ladakhi Capital, from where they want to explore the remote valleys Nubra, Rupshu, Zanskar and the high altitude lake Pangong Tso.

Ladakh, the valleys Nubra and Zanskar in particular are amongst the most remote places on the planet, while Ladakh itself will be completely cut off from the rest of the world after winter has set in and only be reachable via air transpart until the upcoming spring.

Ladakh Winter 2014/15 Tour


  • make experiences and learn vital skills with alpine-style high altitude winter travel
  • explore remote valleys Nubra, Rupshu and Zanskar, where Zanskar is only accessible by travelling up on the frozen Zanskar river (Chadar Trek), furthermore attempt a crossing of the high altitude lake Pangong Tso, if conditions permit for it
  • document the expedition in photographs and film
  • visit projects and collect funds for NGO Nilam e.V.


After visiting Ladakh several times during summer, Christian nurtured the idea to visit this place in winter as well.

Andreas has always been interested in undertaking a winter journey by bicycle expedition style and especially to places of Tibetan culture since travelling Tibet within the scope of the Goneforawhile Tour.

With temperatures down to -30°C and the high altitude this project is a big challenge for man and gear.

Apart from the adventure and overall experience, a major goal is to get more experienced in expedition style cycling in cold climate and high altitude, especially in regards to gear testing and selection and documentation. The journey will also serve as preperation for another, even more ambitious project, a crossing of the Chang Tang.


Ladakh Winter 2014/15 Tour Logo
Wo ist Ladakh?
At Baralacha Pass

Tsemo Gompa at „Peak of Victory“ overlooking Leh
Chörten (Stupa) in Ladakh
Snowleopard in Hemis-Nationalpark

Wikipedia and Christian Dittmann

Ladakh Winter 2014/15

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