DIY Fat Bike African Style

At the moment I’m pretty occupied with doing research on fat bikes. There’s a lot do to research on, more on it shortly. On doing research, I found this interesting three piece documentation of a fat bike being built under … Continued


Shackleton’s Voyage Of Endurance

When, according to Apsley-Gerard, Scott’s last attempt to reach the Southpole had been the worst journey, then Shackleton’s bid to cross Antartica which turned into an ongoing struggle under the worst conditions you can imagine, is the greatest story of … Continued


DIY Truing Stand for less than 15 EUR

Folks, wheelbuilding is a skill you definitely should master. Especially when you’re a cyclist. ON top of that, it’s a good way to spend your time, much better than sitting on the couch watching the tele. I build wheels for … Continued