Karun Film

The Karun is Iran’s longest and only river navigable by ships. Follow Tom Allen and Leon Mc Carron as they follow it from from it’s source to the sea.

DIY Fat Bike African Style

At the moment I’m pretty occupied with doing research on fat bikes. There’s a lot do to research on, more on it shortly. On doing research, I found this interesting three piece documentation of a fat bike being built under … Continued

Shackleton’s Voyage Of Endurance

When, according to Apsley-Gerard, Scott’s last attempt to reach the Southpole had been the worst journey, then Shackleton’s bid to cross Antartica which turned into an ongoing struggle under the worst conditions you can imagine, is the greatest story of … Continued

Joe Simpson – The Beckoning Silence

Joe Simpson ist den meisten wohl am Besten bekannt durch sein Buch und den gleichnamigen Film “Touching the Void”, wo er – für tot gehalten – sich in einem einzigartigen Kraftakt zurück ins Leben kämpft. Der Eiger und vor allem … Continued