Your problem: You …

  • don’t know where to start?
  • have a thousand questions to all kinds of topics?
  • don’t know what kit to buy?
  • don’t have a clue what to expect once you set out?
  • don’t know what to do to make your dream come alive?
  • would like to speak to a well traveled person?

I can help you

I am happy to discuss matters with you on the phone or via Skype – just you and me. You can ask me anything you want, and we think think about:

  • What exactly you want and what’s realistic
  • Which countries and regions to go
  • What gear you really need
  • Calculating costs
  • Safety Issues
  • Dealing with visas and bureaucracy

And much more!

After our coaching session you get an action plan with all the details of our conversation, useful links, resources and strategies.

But the best of all is: if you are not fully satisfied, I’ll give a full refund – no questions asked!


Contact me and we’ll have chat. I’m looking forward hearing from you!