Interview with John Fairfax from 1969

John Fairfax is perhaps one of the most outstanding personalities which I have come across and definitely one of the most illustre personalities in the ocean rowing scene. This interview with him was made shortly after he beach his boat, … Continued

Ocean Rowing: a short introduction

Ocean rowing is an increasingly popular extreme sport where oceans are crossed or islands are circumnavigated with purepose-built expedition rowing boats. Ocean Rowing Today Since 1997 a biennial rowing race on the Atlantic is taking place. This competition with starting … Continued

Erden Eruc Ocean Rowing

Erden Eruç on ocean rowing

Exclusively for Theodore Rezvoy’s Coast 2 Coast challenge to become the first to row the Indian Ocean from mainland Australia to mainland Africa, Erden Eruc gives some deep insights into his experiences as well as a strong vision about the … Continued